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Noreen Gentry, PhD

While making these modules, Noreen Gentry was a PhD candidate in Chemistry at Yale University studying proton-coupled electron transfer of colloidal nanomaterials. She is passionate about science communication and climate and energy related issues. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball, sitting in her hammock, and making memes.

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Claire Cody

At the time of the creation of these modules, Claire Cody was a PhD Student in Chemistry at Yale University studying electrocatalysis for energy conversion. She is passionate about climate and energy topics. When not working on science or this website, she could be found crocheting, reading, or growing tomatoes on her balcony.

Additional Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone who provided feedback to make this site more accurate, accessible, and useful. Specifically we'd like to thank Sierra Wilde, Lucy Edmunds, Leslie Gonzalez, and Prof. Paul Sabin for all their insightful comments and feedback on these modules.

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